Week by Week – W08Y2016

22 Feb , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W08Y2016


A very eventful week. I completed my first half marathon in over a year. I was really concerned that I would not be able to take part since I was sick all week and was coughing badly up until the night before. I am glad I sucked it up and pushed through though. I ran in the XTERRA Thrill in the Hills trail race. A run I have completed 3 times before. Despite that familiarity, the hills really kicked my ass. I forgot just how many switchbacks and elevation change there was in this route. A day later, super sore and tired, I am still on my runner’s high. So, naturally, I signed up for another race two weeks from now. The Shamrock ‘N Roll 10K. Lulu, our dog, will be running with Angela in the 5K of this race. Getting to race again has me feeling like I am back in the world again.

Lessons Learned

Pushing through an illness can make you feel better. Working with a reciprocating saw is fun. Planning a big landscaping project is time-consuming and frustrating.

3 Pillars Accomplishments


  • Finished my first half marathon in over a year and ran my 3rd fastest time at the XTERRA Thrill in the Hills trail race. I finished 6th out of 26 in Age Group and 48th out of 384 overall. Not a bad day for being rusty. Looking forward to a local 10k within walking distance of the house in two weeks.


  • Starting to feel more at home in company. Considering helping out more with sales organization. Enjoying mentoring younger kids at work.


  • Went to a house warming for one of our neighbors. Welcomed Angela back from a week in Brussels. Cut down 3 baby trees in the as part of a big landscaping project that I have decided to do myself. I am just having to accept the hard fact that it will be a slow and long process and to be patient in order to get the best results.


  • What did I learn?
    • XTERRA Thrill in the Hills is a hard race, always, no matter how familiar you are with the course.
  • What did I do to help my future?
    • Started executing a landscaping plan on my own, saving tons of money.
  • How did I help someone this week?
    • Connected a friend with some great contractors to help them get their home improvement projects off of the ground.
  • Who do I love?
    • Angela and I am glad she is back home from a week in Belgium.
  • What am I grateful for?
    • Having a strong will because I really wanted to back out of competing in the race.

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