Week by Week – W08Y2017

20 Feb , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

Week by Week – W08Y2017

I learned first hand the power of blogging my way through my inner musings and then taking immediate action on those reflections. What would have been a sour week be grumpy about being in Vegas turned into a great one. I reflected and posted about my mood and how I needed to not let it get the best of me. The post served as a mirror to my inner thoughts and made immediate changes based on what I saw. By the end of the week I had received recognition from my peers and company along with a great performance at a race that I held back in. 


I am starting to see the benefits of Deliberate Action/Practice. Like muscle memory, life seems to snap into form and maintain a comfort level that can only come from continued practice and process improvement. I still need to tackle my Spanish practice more aggressively and be more consistent with my reading but I’m getting there. At the very least, the confidence is there to try to take on anything.


I had a surprisingly good performance in a 5k I only wanted to run to shake off the rust from not competing for a long time. I finished about a minute off of my more competitive time and recovered nicely seeing that I stayed in my comfort zone. I felt even better about it because I was able to recover nicely from after the run. It felt good to take off at the starting gun again and compete against some good runners. I’m looking forward to my 10K Road Race in March. I’m also fighting the urge to sign up for every race right after this confidence building one.



Yoga and planning are the main paths on my roadmap to piece of mind. Yoga practice has been such a confidence and mindfulness building exercise for me. I’m not afraid to try new poses and I have carried the ever-present conscious mind from the yoga mat into everyday life. I wish I could practice 3-4 times per week. I also want to get my family members into it. And as for planning, the organized and forward thinking tact is really important for me. It’s great to wing some things but overall I think it’s better to make plans and be adaptable if they don’t work out. Moreover, I believe that Good Luck is a by-product of hard work and preparedness.

One of the busiest weeks of the year yet. With patience, 2017 could be alright.

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