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6 Mar , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

The traveling marathon has begun. I could probably run a blog on just the everyday experiences of business travel but I don’t like to relive the struggle more than I already do. What’s different this year is that the schedule and destination is set way in advance. Same client, location and dates for the foreseeable future. So, if there is any silver lining in all this travel, it is that I can still maintain some semblance of my everyday life when I am not on the road.  


I am still trudging through the same non-fiction book for almost a month now. Many people juggle multiple books at a time like TV Shows. Others will completely quit a book if they can’t get through it quickly. I am a combination of too busy and too stubborn to try either of those approaches. I actually like this title it just reads so slow. I guess this book is an example is why I am such a Hemingway fan. I prefer authors that leave more to the reader’s imagination and don’t try and illustrate every last detail of a scene or situation. After this title I plan top stick with just non-fiction and sample the first chapter before committing to a book.

I got to meet my little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters this weekend. This kid is so awesome. I am really looking forward to mentoring and getting to know him. It’s been 25 years since my dad died and I know personally how important it is to have a positive male role model around. Having a little brother is already making me more self-conscious about how I carry myself and my decisions. I’ve always valued the reflective moments that mentoring requires in order to impart wisdom. I believe that more people should mentor so that they can ground themselves in the present by looking into the past while impacting someone else’s future.

The new project I am on and the side commitments I have made to two boards have really eroded my commitment to learning Spanish and the guitar. I am just going to have to tweak and adjust my schedule to find time. Ultimately, lessons will be required in order to get more deliberate practice. I am giving myself a week to get the travel pattern down to a science and then try and fill in the openings with lessons and focused practice.


A good week of training while being on the road. I am always worried about gaining weight when traveling for work because I snack a lot to make it through the grind. I am going to try and substitute my usual pastries for yogurt, salads at lunch and lighter dinners. I worked really hard to get in shape the first two months of the year and don’t want to let all that go because of the conference room malaise. I think I am going to have to respectfully decline the after work socializing in order to make sure I get my rest and yoga in at night. I have already adjusted my sleeping schedule to tune my body to an early morning cycle that guarantees I get my workouts in.

I am breaking in my new On CloudFlow running shoes. They have been as comfortable and light as the Nike FreeRun 3.0’s that I usually get. I can already tell though that they will be way more durable. I took them out on a 10K run with LuLu and the responsiveness seemed to improve with each stride. I am going to really put them through their paces this week with a heavy those of training during the week in preparation for my second race of the year. I really need to get back into creating review blog entries for all this gear and racing I am doing. I especially need to write one on how we are 100% done with LA Fitness. The Wal-Mart of gyms and the destination workout for every crazy person in America.


I am pretty sure I have achieved an emotional equilibrium freedom the post-election frustration. It comes down to just being involved. Everything I lend my hand to helping gives me the satisfaction of seeing results happen that Washington has completely forgotten about. I think a lot of people could find solace in the current political climate by just acting rather than complaining. I am not spending time on social media reading news that will send me into a frenzy though I stayed plugged into current events. I simply make sure I talk about and engage in things that help fight whatever new legislation that comes down. It doesn’t matter what rules they pass, the new social instructions that exist give us means of living our lives in ways they may not agree with and can do nothing about.

We have to get creative to fight back social and economic regression. Most importantly, we need to reject mindless consumerism and debt. Corporations make slaves out of us with those two tools. Deliberate consumption and financial independence will give you the kind of autonomy that having a lot of money can bring. I believe that the independence that being liquid in assets brings demands respect from the Politicians and conservatives. From there we can begin to wield power and have influence. Essentially, what I am saying is if we liberals want to make change, we need to take control, and to take control of ourselves by becoming financially literate and influential in our communities by giving where the government falls short. No matter what, be engaged and not just a bystander.

The year just keeps getting busier and busier. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Atlanta United kicked off their inaugural season and I am more excited than I ever thought I would be. I am actually wondering if the 55,297 that attended the opener can become a regular thing. I also dream of the day when soccer becomes America’s number one sport.

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