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13 Mar , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

The beginning of a week can have so much sway over how the rest will play out. I made a big mistake and flew up to NYC on a Monday morning around 6:45 am. I was drained and wiped the whole rest of the week. I know better and need to hit the ground on Mondays with more energy and a better mood. To that end, I have made Mondays a dedicated being a rest day from training and a triple coffee day in order to get shit done. 


I am dropping my requirement that I read one book at a time. I have always read more than one book at a time going back to elementary school. I listened to multiple genres of music all the time, follow multiple shows and get my news from various sources at a time. I was stagnating and killing my interest in reading by being so strict. Some books just need to be put down and picked back up a later time. I will probably still cap myself at 3 books at a time because of the rule of three.


I ended up backing out of running in the 10K I had registered for. The weather took a turn for the worst and a rainy, windy, and 35 degree start was just not something I was interested in. Still got in good training this week but I think I set myself back stuffing myself with pastries and snacks while traveling. My appetite is through the roof with all this working out but I really have to make better snack and food choices. I am glad I have Angela because she helps police a lot of my diet.


Just trying to hit my stride with all this travel. Finding your source of strength is hard when everything is in flux. So you have to draw on whatever you can to get through one more airport line, weirdo taxi driver conversation, flight delay and crappy food option. Perspective is everything in trying to maintain some semblance of sanity. Technology helps make home feel at least a little bit closer. Being connected to all the organizations I am in keeps me busy and grounded. Ben Howard has a song called, “Time is Dancing,” which I love to listen to because it reminds me of how times like this are momentary and we eventually return back to that place that is home.

One picture of a place that embodies what I believe to be one of the worst parts about capitalism, speculation. I believe for society to get out of this consumerist and debt driven model; we have to stop accepting lies in the form of financial vehicles that are not fully analyzed or grounded in objective empirical data. This building is the church of thieves.


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