Week by Week – W12Y2017

20 Mar , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

Another busy week and my first time experiencing a NYC Snow Storm. After these past four-week, I don’t believe I could be anymore tired. The travel up and down is mentally and physically growing. The hot, then cold, and then hot again constant temperature changes is maddening. You have to pack everything; to that point, I’m just going to start leaving a bunch of clothes at the NYC apartment. Additionally, the email and meeting barrage is professionally frustrating because a lot of it is a time suck with no agenda or meaningful outcome. I am working harder to keep up a long-term perspective on the situation and find some type of meditative patience. I am also trying t o exert more control over the pace and format of the information coming at me so I can balance all of my commitments. 


I have conflicted feelings on where my head was at last week. I feel a like I have a clearer picture on plans, a better approach to handling projects and travel, along with a more patient mood. However, my mental fitness has worn down a lot. I am debating whether I need more coffee or hands to delegate tasks to; probably both. I am not the type to walk away from my commitments. So, I have to find a way to keep my mental muscles into marathon shape. I tried video games as a way decompressing after work but my interest level just is not there. I am going to try to incorporate meditation into my day and take melatonin at night to help me spend more time in deep sleep.  


I exercised 5 out of 7 days last week. However, I feel like the sessions were pretty anemic in terms of effort. The fatigue from travel and the trudging through the cold is affecting my commitment and overall performance. I am going to start skewing my now limited training hours towards Yoga and particularly the restorative kind. I did have a great week dieting and lost two pounds on only 5 hours of training. Removing the sugary pastries from my morning routine is a big part of this success. I really can’t wait for the warmer and dry season so I can get in more running and cycling outside and maybe some races.


My faith and trust in people is starting to come back. I finally got to spend a whole day with my little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Seeing his eyes light up and the fun he had at his first professional soccer game really help me reset what life is all about. I’ve recommitted to fostering community and building something for those that come after us. That perspective has helped me focus less on my frustration from politics and channel that energy into solutions that can help bridge divides and bring meaningful change to the lives of those around me. This emotional shift is a key part of helping me keep a sense of perspective and stay motivated to be kind and work with everyone. I don’t think, however, that I can ever trust fully someone who didn’t have the critical thinking skills to see that clown was a mistake and can look themselves in the face despite the mountain of lies.

Like I said, a very busy week but a wonderful one. Snow storms, Atlanta United, and spring weather.

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