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3 Apr , 2017 Lifestyle,Sports

It’s a real challenge to stay even-keeled and kind in places during times that send some off into twitter tirades. All of us wrestle with the delicate struggle between emotions and reason. My approach has generally been to retreat into myself and clam up in situations where I would rather be confrontational but know it won’t solve anything. I take that approach so as to stay calm and not say anything I would regret. However, by doing so I cut myself at the knees. I take away two of my own strengths, energy and conversation. I know better, but I am fighting with the constraints of social norms and my emotions. In professional settings this dilemma can get even more complicated. Wanting to say what you need to say and trying not to go to far or put on a fake front. My old mentor had this challenge mastered. He was himself at all times. I probably just need to stop overthinking the whole thing.


I am glad I started to read multiple books at once. I am not speeding through one book at a time anymore but I am also not getting bored and quitting either. Podcasts have become even more important and addictive in between reading sessions. It’s hard to believe that a medium that has been around since the early 2000’s has seen such a resurgence. If you are not listening to them already, then you are missing out on a such a game changing form of entertainment and vehicle for learning. I follow about 16 different Podcasts myself. There are thousands to choose from and you can tailor your selections to your choice. The latest one that I just binged through in one day is “S-Town” by the creators of Serial (possibly the greatest Podcasts ever) and This American Life. The story covered in “S-Town” is so timely given recent events and will leave you in a deeply introspective state asking if you are taking full advantage of every minute given to you.


Training without a target goal or an “A” race event feels soulless. Like I am merely going through the motions. I have a calendar full of events I would like to participate in but the constant travel and openness in our plans means I can’t commit to pre-booking any event until almost the weekend of. So, I have been trying to stay in the shape I need to be in to complete a 15K race but without one lined up it’s hard to say motivated. I have at least taken to making much better diet choices and have kept my weight and body fat pretty low. An interesting event that I am excited about and puts a spin on the Triathlon format is the Wanderlust event taking place in Atlanta on April 9th. It is a 5K run, yoga session, and meditation session. It looks pretty cool so I am recommending and sharing it here.


I’ve been asked a lot lately about religion and what my beliefs are. Those that know me know I am not religious but respect others right to be. What needs clarification is that saying I am not religious does not make me an Atheist. I just like to believe that whatever it may that is greater than us all, may originate from within and does not need rules, ceremony, or zealot like belief to be good. I like to think that if I have a religion, it is collectively pulled from the meditative qualities of Buddhism, the rational drive of science, the curiosity of youth, and the fabled lessons from the all three major holy books. I look for the best in each that can help guid me and help me improve constantly. Then I add in the eye opening fervor of traveling abroad to keep it all fresh and challenge any pre-convieved notions.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here is an image of the “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street, that is causing a stir. If only because there are too many weak men who tie their masculinity to making others feel small.

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