Week by Week – W15Y2017

7 Apr , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

Week by Week – W15Y2017

Re-discovered some Ella Fitzgerald. It’s so fitting to hear her classics while walking through NYC On a spring day. You can just imagine that some of the same amazing sights lifted her vocals and inspired some of the lyrics. I even took the A Train to Harlem, just to catch the same vibe. Music is so critical to mood. That’s why I listen to everything, because you don’t feel or think the same way all the time. 


I am not political at work. At least in terms of climbing the ladder or playing posturing games. Working on the West Coast beat that out of me. I am all about the work and the quality of the outcome. NYC projects are plagued with political battles and all types of fuckery that adds nothing to the end user’s experience. Moreover, everyone is perplexed by the fact that I openly reject and don’t participate in the charade. It’s frustrating, because I’m a very sociable person but must come off as a loner for not wanting to schmooze. I’m trying to find that balance.

On another note, check out the article on parking in this week’s Economist, Aparkalypse Now. “The average car moves just 5% of the time. To improve cities, focus on the other 95%.” I used to think we need more parking spaces but this article really opened my eyes to how that is actually part of the problem. More spaces only encourages more driving and disincentives alternative transport.


Crossfit is rubbish and the drop in class I took this week was a deal breaker. Every time I take a crossfit I end up feeling wrecked for the rest of the week. My running pace gets ruined and I’m sore as can be. I’ll admit, sticking with a Crossfit plan will have you looking like a Greek God after a few months but an injury is usually around the corner. Compounded by travel delays, this was not a good week of training.

I experienced what was without a doubt the best yoga class I have ever been to. We participated in the Wanderlust 108 Mindfulness Triathlon. A day that consisted of a 5K run, 75 minutes of yoga and finished off with a meditation session. I loved every minute of it. It was like church for the spiritually minded with a health and fitness obsession. There was also a huge dance party which you can never turn down. I’m so glad I got to wrap up the week with such positive energy and reflection. Check out some of the scenes below and make sure to register if Wanderlust comes to your area. 


Flying in and out of NYC can break your spirit. The area has three airports that take on average an hour to get to by car and surprisingly longer by public transit. None of them can maintain any sort of reasonable ontime percentage and LaGuardia ranks last in the US for that stat. No wonder New Yorkers are grumpy people. You can’t even get away when you want to. At least they have tons of great restaurants and bars to pass the time away.

The world is plagued by Consumerism. At some point we can commoditize our whole life experience. No other place really embodies how much advertising tries to tell us to buy our way to happiness than Times Square NY. I wish all of these lights were used to celebrate human achievements and highlight social issues we need to come together and fix.

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