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23 Apr , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

All things change in a dynamic environment. Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you. – The Puppet Master

I was reminded of this quote I first heard almost 20 years ago this week. I am whole heartedly guilty of trying to resist change within exerted on me from the outside recently. I like to think I am very adaptable to situations as they present themselves and I think for the most part I have been true to that ideal. However, when it comes to intrusions into the comfort zone that has become our home life, I have been very resistant to change. I am not sure why, but I think it has a lot to do with an idealization of what work/life balance should be like. Reminded of this phrase, I am left thinking if the pressure put on the balance I am trying to achieve from the dynamic environment that is consulting life is demanding me to change my perspective on balance. Moreover, if that shift in thinking is for better or worse. I know one thing, trying to resist it has made me grumpier and more frustrated. So, is the swing in mood I am currently having the change that I am supposed to experience or is there another pivot I am not experiencing by being so stubborn?


I started this week consumed with too many thoughts to stay productive. Trying my best to compartmentalize streams of ideas and get more done. However, I am frustrated with whether or not the things I am getting done are meaningful or not. Which ties into the quote above. I know what is required of me to be maximally productive at the things I have to do but I feel that those efforts will undermine my desire to achieve the things I want to do. Balance is a never ending search for equilibrium between two diametrically opposed forces. In the end, I am going to start feeling sorry for myself because I am just struggling through first world problems. 

Went to see Oddisee at The Loft this weekend. He is one of my favorite “soulful” or “conscious” rap artist out there. Everyone has been going crazy over Kendrick Lamar’s latest album but his style never really grabbed me. I respect that Kendrick raps from a point of view that I can’t relate to and perspective we should all know about. However, I am just a little over the type of lifestyle and themes Kendrick touches on. I’ve always preferred artist like Oddisee, Tribe Called Quest, Dead Prez and similar artist more. If you haven’t checked out any Oddisee tracks before, check him out on Apple Music here


I am sticking with a predominantly vegetarian and alcohol free diet before an upcoming vacation. I am trying to purge all the toxins out before a vacation trip where I know I am likely to splurge during many meals. One positive thing about being in around NYC more often is that my steps count is now heading north of 100,000 a week on average. That amount of movement combined with my regular workout regiment is making my appetite go up. However, I am trying to make smarter and smarter choices about  what I eat at every meal. The right diet choices are becoming even more important because work and travel are making it harder to train consistently.  


This definitely has not been my best week. My spirits have been buoyed by the anticipation of getting a nice two week break to reset and decompress. It could not come at a better time. Maybe the answer is to stay true to myself, in being productive and positive, and hope my personality can help exert change on the things around me. In the desperation to not be overwhelmed, I forgotten how to be a problem solver.

One really great positive from the week was getting to celebrate some very successful Oglethorpe Alumni and all that they have accomplished. 


p style=”text-align: center;”>More signs of spring in NYC, tulips in bloom.

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