Week by Week – W20Y2017

14 May , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W20Y2017

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. One of the things I have come to understand in life is that none of us come with an instruction manual at birth. So, the how of raising us is a learning lesson for our parents. The stakes for this live classroom lesson amount to life and death. It’s therefore understandable why our parents are so conservative and interventionist in our own lives as we grow up. Though, you may have not have agreed with all of their decisions, be glad that you are here with even a modicum of opportunity to chase your dreams. So, take a second and say thanks to your Mom and maybe take a moment to listen to the personal tributes in Story Corps Podcast #500 about Moms.


After a long and memorable trip to Spain, it’s back to work and back to all my extracurricular commitments. I tried to buffer a day between vacation and work but I may need to start using more days between vacation and returning to normal life to ease the transition.

Angela has a couple of weeks to get back in the swing of things. I am testing out a very interesting social experiment of having no social media on my phone. I deleted all social media apps from my phone about a month ago except for Instagram. I have been over the noise of Facebook for a while now and never really used Google+. I had long since given up on really using twitter so I am not missing anything there. Instagram I keep because I look at it as a feed vignettes into worlds of my friends and family. You can tell a lot about someone by what the frame in every picture.

I knew early on that Facebook could be the biggest challenge. I don’t miss the noise of it but I have come to realize it is becoming an almost necessary communication platform. This week, a group of my high school alumni found each other in a chat thread and raised over $6,000 for the current team to cover playoff costs. It’s those moments where I love what social media is capable of. Like, connecting six degrees of family together randomly on a Sunday night in New York. That’s what happened when a few of our family noticed we would all be in NYC via social media post. What’s really great is that half of them had never met each other; that’s what is in the image posted here. So how can we promote more of the interactions above and quiet down the fake news and noise?


I did not go at it hard this week. My body needed a break, having covered over 180,000 steps and 30 miles of running in the previous week. So, I focused on yoga and only three days of running. But more importantly, I have been moving a lot. I have averaged over 150,000 steps each of the last two weeks, run almost 52 miles, and dropped to my lowest weight in about 3 years. Again, the big difference maker has been, maintaining a better diet and seeking out new running routes to keep things fresh.

Over the next two months I have a lot of running to do. I need to get to 500 miles by the end of June. I am at 325 at the time of writing this. I challenged myself to run 1000 miles this year. I need to hit 500 in June to be on track. So, I am shooting for about 25 miles a week. That total is about 7 miles above my weekly baseline. I have had to be really careful so as not to get injured. So, I am running in a more exploratory and nonchalant way than before. I take as many breaks as I want and focus on fining cool photo opportunities along the way. Essentially, I have running more about having fun again.


America has to find a way to solve homelessness. It is a great shame that we can erect shopping malls that are miles long but are tight-fisted on providing centers to help people through life challenges. All of our wealth and we let people starve. I hate that people say that the disadvantaged want to live that way or are addicted to something, etc. That excuse makes it easy for the person judging to ignore the problem and feel no guilt. It’s one of the great shames in the world that we don’t understand that a social safety net is not an enabling mechanism but a universal insurance policy against the great clusterfuck that is life.

We can’t help everyone, because some people don’t even want to be helped. But where we can share skills, resources or time, we should. Our priorities should be People, experiences and then lastly thanks. As The Minimalist say, “Love People and use things, because the opposite never works.”

I took a lot of pictures this week. I guess I have caught the photography bug. So here are some montages from activities during the past week. Including one in honor of my mom on Mother’s Day. Also, if you haven’t yet, do check out Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It was actually as good as the original and entertaining.

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