Week by Week – W21Y2017

15 May , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Week by Week – W21Y2017

The start of a long stretch in NYC. I decided to try something different and stay longer on the road than just 4 days at a time. What I found in previous weeks was that the hours spent at the airport was a real-time suck. I’m really missing my “home time” but will have to make the most of it and discover more of NYC. Most of all by catching up with family and friends while I here.


I was pleased to finally get my Spain Travel Guide out. If you are considering traveling to Spain you may find it useful. Another great resource is the Nomad List which my niece referred to us. It is a user sourced guide to traveling and living abroad that breaks down every aspect of cost and quality of living. From the average internet speeds, to the number of coffee shops per capita, to the average weather, etc. Nomadlist.com is one of the best resources I have ever come across.

I discovered one of the best Apple Music playlist this past week. It is the “Flipped: Nina Simone” playlist. The tracks highlight the originals from the legendary songstress and covers of those songs. The songs alternate in that order, original and then cover. I can’t get enough of it.


648aa2db-20f1-416d-9b23-f2d4972a9c0e200 miles in two months is a tall feat. I’m doing everything I can to make it fun and keep it fresh. I am exploring lots of new routes and tweaking old ones. I try to photograph along the way more. I also don’t set a hard time or distance limit on each run. I allow myself to stop as I need it. If I had to chase this 200 mile goal on a treadmill or track I would go insane.

On the dietary side of body, I have a really cool recommendation for foodies. Check out the website for Feastly. One of the most creative concepts I have come across in some time. It brings home chefs and culinary explorers together through hosted dinners. You browse the different chef offerings by city and can request a private dinner for you and your friends/family. If you are the cook, you can get your name and creations out there by hosting dinners yourself. I love it. I even noticed some of the chefs are professional and trying out side projects on the site.
I discovered the magic of NormaTec compression technology. After a 35 mile week my legs felt like rubber. I’ve considered booking a session. Luckily, ClassPass allows you to reserve time directly through the app. The system works by applying pulsing and rotating air pressure to different areas of the legs. The process helps speed up the removal of lactic acid along with getting blood and oxygen to areas that need them. It feels like you’re getting 24 hours of additional recovery in 1 hour. I just wish I could book massages and cryotherapy through ClassPass as well.


NYC is full of some of the most unique and obnoxious people on earth. The unique characters surface from the pressure of the city on them, like pressure turns coal into a diamonds. The obnoxious ones are the other side of the same coin. Trying to stand out from the crowd with loud outfits and some of the most ridiculous behavior you will ever see. I compare NYC to other large metropolitan cities and it by far takes the cake on bizarre personalities. After all, NYC gave us the clown running the show now.

What an amazing week in New York. The weather was great and I had so many friends and family with me. We made lots of new discoveries and memories along the way. I’m sharing a huge gallery below because I took a ton of pictures.

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