Week by Week – W22Y2017

27 May , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Week by Week – W22Y2017
Shakespeare at the Park - Julius Caesar

Shakespeare at the Park – Julius Caesar

If you are in NYC this summer, make sure you get tickets to see the Public Theater’s performance of Julius Ceaser at the Delacort Theater for Shakespeare in the Park. The performance is updated with an homage to you know who and our current social dilemmas. The principal questions I was left asking is whether to stick with the devil you know or take on the unknown? Along with, does the struggle for change matter if the message doesn’t register. I think that the external forces we feel have so much control over our lives aren’t as powerful as we make them. If we become the change we want to see, it doesn’t matter who is in charge.

Also, if you are in NYC through July. Head to The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and check out some of the great temporary exhibitions they have going on now. We went on Sunday and checked out four rotating exhibits. The Age of Empires, covers the period of the Han and Qin Dynasties and the influence on art and culture they had. The Met Kawakubo feature, covers Haute fashion as contrast of how fashion challenges the eye’s focus between object and subject. Seaurat’s Sideshow is a moving exploration of the French Carnival and artists’ reactions to it. Finally, the Irving Pen collection really left me inspired as I have become more and more obsessed with pictures lately. Pen himself captured these feelings in great quotes I took from the show.

“Photography is just the present state of man’s visual history. To me personally, photography is a way to overcome mortality.” – Irving Pen

All of this cultural experience coming as the benefit of spending another week in NYC. I know, I am starting to sound like a broken record. I have been on a lot of projects but have never gotten to know a city so intimately. Usually, I go to the office and then back to the hotel to crash. I am trying to make sure I take advantage of the travel requirement and experience as much as I can from every trip. Especially by rolling one of those trips into a Memorial Day Weekend stay over. Pictures from the exhibits and show below.

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I am starting to think that “Garden State” is in fact my favorite movie ever. It speaks to the universal experience of confronting what holds us back and diving into the deep unknown of a life not lived on rails. Moreover, it may have one of the best soundtracks ever put together for a movie. Zach Braff really hit it at out of the park with his first at bat. I wonder how much pressure he must have and still must feel to follow up such a cult classic.

I need to recommend you read “Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow” and “The Aisles Have Eyes.” I have been thinking a lot about the tipping point civilization is at with all the technological innovation that has come since 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. We are on the precipice of a fundamentally different world where we may interact with it through technology first and through our senses/organically second. Both of these books do a great job of discussing some of the promises, pitfalls, and illustrating what that future could look like.

Lastly, I finished another blog post review. If you have time and are on the market for new headphones, check out my review of the Apple AirPods. They are not perfect but they are a great pairing for any iPhone owners.

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It was a struggle to try and workout this week. After 4 weeks in a row of heavy training, walking, and general training my body just quit. I have also neglected strength training which has made me weaker. I need to tweak my training habits if I want to still hit this 1000 mile goal this year. I think it is still in reach but the pain I’ll have to bear could be too much.

To make up for not being able to train, Angela and I went on a couple of Yoga walking tours of NYC parks. We checked out the Hudson River Park and the various lakes around Central Park. If you have not been on either, you must. It is hard to believe such beautiful greenery is in the middle of the massive concrete jungle. I wonder if bombastic leaders ever take the time to stroll through the trees and take in nature? Maybe, they would learn how to run things better if they could see what is at stake.

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I am so grateful for another year of life, though my anxiety builds about death with every year I get closer to my father’s age at the time he died. Every ache and pain seeming like a major concern sentence. It’s like a perpetual clock over my head reminding me to do as much as I can in the time I am given. So to that end, I push for more and more experiences. My life with Angela never disappoints in that endeavor. That is why I love her so much, there is no limit on life when we are together.

It was a great birthday weekend. Some pictures from our celebration around New York.

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