Week by Week – W23Y2017

4 Jun , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Reviews

Week by Week – W23Y2017

Covfefe. Covfefe. Covfefe. This word maybe the greatest new word in the English language in decades. So full of complexity, emotion, drama, and meaninglessness. I love it. Covfefe should replace the word “cool” in the English lexicon as the goto word for every situation and use case. I liken it to “Vale” in Spanish as they use it in Spain. You can hear Vale used in a conversation more than all the other words combined. As much as I cannot stand the clown, he does deserve credit for this one gem of language gold. I hope the word actually sticks around and becomes a part of everyday language. I think the people will have to give it a fixed meaning so that it will for sure stay around.


AmericanahI discovered an excellent book this week, Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I am not usually one for fiction but the Nigerian author has hit a connecting nerve with me on this one. The novel provides a look inside the complexity of being between two or more cultures. I often feel like that myself. Born into one group, raised in another one, and identifying we something all together different or in-between. A great read that everyone can enjoy, while learning a little something about Nigerian culture.

On another note, the topic of lawns has been everywhere. I have heard a lot about it this issue over the past week on various outlets. It seems everyone is talking about the American addiction to grassy fields. They are the cheapest ground cover to put down but the most expensive to maintain. It’s also one of the most ecologically damaging. Yards consume a ton of water to maintain, not to mention the gas it takes to power lawn mowers and other yard equipment. Additionally, the chemical applications also have a dangerous effect on our environment. I am not talking just about personal lawns. I am also referring to all of the community space that is maintained by State and Local governments. All of this has me thinking more and more about replacing our already diminutive lawn with an artificial grass turf.


I took a week off of running to get in some much-needed recovery. Lots of Yoga, sleep, and massages. I really overdid it the weeks before doing nothing but massive amounts of running and not cross training or allowing for sufficient recovery periods. I am pretty sure I seriously strained a muscle in my upper back running so much. What’s interesting though, is that my legs have felt great. No hamstring, IT band, or hip flexor issues at all. The upper back pain is a first for me in all my years of sports.

This week also marks my last week on ClassPass. I have recommended them on numerous occasions on my blog but I just can’t anymore. Their lack of customer service skills has unfortunately killed the one bit of access I had to workout heaven. Open access to numerous gyms and studios across the world for one set monthly fee. I am working on another blog post for people in my same predicament. The goal will be to discover a way to hack the ClassPass experience using other services. I will miss it, but I am not sure how long they can hang around and think they don’t need to understand the experience from their customers’ perspectives.


When I think of home and peace, I think of the backyard. So many restful afternoons have been spent there. Fall, winter, spring, or summer; there is almost no place else I’d rather be to disconnect and be with the family. I especially love the yard work. I never thought I would hear myself saying that; I spent many high school summers cutting yards for money in the scorching Georgia heat. Now, however, there is a tranquil satisfaction in watching things grow, take shape, and hopefully give back. This space is especially, pleasing when set against the stark contrast of the steel and concrete of NYC.

Yoga is life and life is yoga. Flowing through your day with every breath, finding intention, being present, exercising patience. I learned this mantra from our instructor this past week. I hope to make it a real part of my everyday life. Breathing in every element of a situation, embracing the discomfort, relishing the blissful release, and learning to balance on the equilibrium between both sensations. I just have to find a Yoga facility I am willing yo pay more for now that I don’t have ClassPass or maybe realizing the dream of building a yoga studio in our backyard one day.

Happy Birthday to the person whose made this life everything I could have ever wished for.

Happy Birthday Angela 2017

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