Week by Week – W24Y2017

7 Jun , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

Week by Week – W24Y2017

I doubt I can ever come to understand the propensity for senseless violence. Two days after an attack in England by terrorist, we have a shooting in Orlando which may have no ideological basis. Violence is never acceptable and doesn’t bring others to your side. I can only imagine that our growing inability to communicate across social, political, and economic divides. Talking doesn’t cure all ills, but it sure as heel can help calm people down if both sides are forced to listen before speaking.


Lower your expectations and raise your standards. – The Minimalist

This was a mantra I came across this week while listening to one of the Minimalist Podcasts. It’s been wracking my brain all week. I’ve been contemplating what that really means and how and should I be applying this maxim to my own life. With each situation I ask, are my expectations too high or did I lower my standards. I won’t come to a conclusion this week but I’m sure the question will stick with me for a while.

Below are some examples I can think of for applying this principle.

  1. FAMILY: Lower our expectations of how are family should engage with us, raise our standards of how we engage with them.
  2. WORK: Lower our expectations of how much we can get done each day, raise our standards of the quality of work we complete.
  3. BLOGGING: Lower our expectations of how great each post will be, raise our standards for how often you post.


This was not a good week of training. I was sick most of the week which stayed me in bed trying to rest. Sometimes, I feel like New York makes it so hard to stay healthy. Eight million plus people closely packed-in together , translates into billions if not trillions of bacteria and viruses spreading around with ease. I wouldn’t do it, but there are times I think about walking around in a bubble suit. The real take away is that I need to work harder at taking care of my immune system and eating the healthiest of foods. Regardless, I still got in lots of walking with our dog at the end of the week. I also went biking around with my Little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters during the Atlanta Streets AliveFestival. I love this event because it brings thousands of people from all over the city to celebrate all forms of transportation that are not a car. The festival has grown more and more every year and is starting to demystify the idea in Atlanta of getting around without a car. I plan to take a week off of running next week to recover completely and then get back to chasing miles the week after.


It’s been one of the most mentally relaxing weeks ever. I did some yard work which is always a relaxing activity.Feeling reinvigorated and up for the next challenge, I would like to complete visiting all 50 states in the next 2-3 years. My visited states map is below.

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Here are some pictures from exploring around Atlanta.

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