Week by Week – W25Y2017

18 Jun , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

Week by Week – W25Y2017

Emotional Attachment to Inanimate Object – The Minimalist

We’ve just gone through the biggest purge of material items in our house ever. We got rid of almost everything going back to elementary school except for vital records. Trophies, games, furniture, etc. we are really focused on this minimalism path and are pouring all of our free time into it. I have a blog post I’m working on about the process of becoming minimalist. I’m interested to see the reaction people will have to a couple formally associated with being textbook consumers, wielding down to much less. Minimalism is a journey with no end, so I am sure the days and years will constantly be redefining for us just what is the right amount of “stuff.”


I experimented this week with creating a video and audio podcast recording of a neighborhood meeting we held. My number one tip after going through the recording is to buy a real microphone. Unless you are in a studio, the built-in mic on your iPad or iPhone or camera will not be enough. Ambient noise ruins everything. I will still try to salvage what I recorded but I think it is time to start shopping for a studio mic.

I came across an interesting challenge while listening to this week’s Ted Radio Hour podcast, “A Better You.” In the show, one of the speakers mentioned a 30 day challenge to improving yourself. There are lots of 30 day challenges out there but his approach is simpler. He promotes the idea of simply doing one new thing for about 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Such as fifteen minutes of mediation, a walk around the block, saying hello to someone. The idea is that the small repetitive action sinks in more deeply and becomes a part of your character. As soon as the 30 days is over, you move onto the next small challenge. Overtime, you will permanently tweak little things about yourself you are seeking to change. All of this makes sense, as the argument is that it takes about 30 days for almost anything to become a habit, but this way it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I think I will try to create a 15 minute Podcast everyday during July.


Lots and Lots of nothing but walking. I really wanted to recover from all the little nagging pains I have built up. So, I took the week from strenuous activities except for walking. I’m probably going to walk away from the 1,000 mile goal I have for the year. I can get the miles in, but my schedule makes recovery hard and I don’t want to entirely give up on my social life. So, I’ll have to figure out what is an achievable set of goals to keep pushing towards.

One cool athletic related item I can share this week is a successful ticket share program some friends and I organized this year. We pooled our season tickets for the Atalanta United June 17th match against Orlando City, to offer to some deserving kids. This effort was coordinated in partnership with the Soccer in the Streets organization. Check out the gallery below of the experience we put together. I would love to grow this program over the years.

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Happy Fathers Day 2017Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Past, present and future. The birth fathers, the stand-ins, cool uncles and guys who were just there. I lost my dad when I was 12. His influence was strong and will always be with me, but a contributing hand from all the men in my life across the years helped make me who I am today. It really does take a village. So, if you can, just be there for the people in your lives. Especially, the young ones who may look up to you in ways you may not know.

This was an emotional weekend for me. I was missing my dad on Father’s Day and reflecting on the years and experiences past as we inch closer to 40. One of those memories being that Angela and I were in Hawaii almost three years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer and we were dreading the impeding surgery. We lay on the beach trying to find an adventure to keep us distracted. I miss Hawaii now, it will forever be a place of respite in a sea of turmoil. On top of all that emotional reflection, we watched the film Lion which draws out all the feels. It tells the story of one out of 80,000 or so lost Indian children and the courage and luck it took for him to be one of the lucky ones to survive and find some solace. I recommend it to any one who missed it while in theaters last year.

Some pictures from our neighborhood meeting we had at Better Half Atlanta this past week.

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