Week by Week – W38Y2016

18 Sep , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W38Y2016


New Apple product launches. Probably the smoothest iPhone pickup I have ever had. No waking up at night and just walked in at lunch to random store and grabbed two. Everyone can relax, the lack of a headphone jack is not a deal breaker. Battery life is good enough you will rarely notice. Besides, more and more people are using bluetooth headphones. Got to attend Music Midtown 2016.

Lessons Learned

Multi-day concerts are almost an athletic endeavor. Make sure to have a game plan and be well rested.


  • Athletics
    • Finally got some cross training in this week and over 20 miles of running. Calculated that to get the most out of the unlimited ClassPass plan you have to attend 3 classes a week.
  • Work
    • Company offsite went well and gave us an opportunity to visit Cape Cod. Mission Accomplished.
  • Social
    • Music Midtown, need I say more. Beck, Big Boi, Leon Bridges and many more. Too bad the rain drowned out the second day. Oh well, we have the Band of Skulls concert coming up in a few weeks.


  • What did I learn?
    • Manchester United is an incomplete team at best. They have spent a ton of money on talent and developed none in-house.
  • What did I do to help my future?
    • Discovered Provincetown, MA. We call it the Key West of the north. Will definitely plan a summer vacation to Cape Cod next year.
  • How did I help someone this week?
    • Fast video editing and producing skills helped my team at the company offsite produce a funny video .
  • Who do I love?
    • Colin Cowherd, he really brings the most balanced view to sports. No fanatical breakdowns of games and teams on his watch.
  • What am I grateful for?

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