Week by Week – W41Y2016

10 Oct , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W41Y2016


Slow week here. Mostly just work, football and training. We are enjoying the fall weather a lot and are looking forward to breaking in our new fire pit and Adirondack chairs later this month. Brady’s back, so everything is good in Patriots world. The election has gone completely nuts and it makes you wonder what’s the point.

Lessons Learned

Mastering your calendar can be a real pain. I try to keep it as accurate as possible but you can’t count on notifications to go to everyone when you make changes to an event. Or even for things you add to it to stay on. I have been utilizing reminders, double entries and tools like slack more and more to keep all my meetings and details up to date.


  • Athletics
    • Really good week of training. I can really say that switching to ClassPass’ unlimited plan has motivated me to train more. Primarily because you know the exact number of classes you need to take a week to get your money’s worth. For us it is 3 sessions a week but we’ve been hitting about 4 sessions a week. Had some friends turn in some tremendous marathon and half marathon performances this weekend. Kind of jealous that I am sitting on couch watching them.
  • Work
    • Lead my first training class for a group of new hires. Feels good to pass on wisdom as the elder statesman. No travel for the foreseeable future, loving it.
  • Social
    • Caught up with the Atlanta Patriots Meetup Group. Great game to watch Tom Brady return to the NFL. The Browns should just end the season.


  • What did I learn?
    • Add everything to your calendar immediately and double check it.
  • What did I do to help my future?
    • Trained everyday last week.
  • How did I help someone this week?
    • Filled in for a colleague on a go-live when they were double booked.
  • Who do I love?
    • Tom Brady, greatest QB of all-time, just the facts.
  • What am I grateful for?
    • My conservative friends who even call this Trump thing out for what it is.

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