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17 Oct , 2016 Sports


Small moves. Sometimes they are everything. A million of them come together to paint the full picture. This week I had to remember that small moves are perhaps the most important and require patience to realize their significance. From running to project planning to everything in between; it’s all about the baby steps. For example, to help make positive change in my neighborhood I am gong to run for a position on the HOA Board and help deliver measurable growth.

Lessons Learned

Going down to one car requires extensive planning ahead to maximize efficiency for two busy schedules. Thank God for Uber which makes the whole situation. Grilling a whole chicken on a Green Egg is ideally done at 300 degrees fahrenheit for about 3 hours. You’ll get a perfectly cooked and flavorful bird with no fuss.


  • Athletics
    • Two steps forward and one step back. This week was really hampered by nagging injuries. Two positives, I had a great soccer game on Saturday now that I am forced to play with my head. I also completed my first 5K road race in a while. Terrible time but progress none the less. Focusing on a bunch of small workouts and increasing my flexibility this week.
  • Work
    • Completed delivering my first training boot camp and really proud of the progress the trainees showed. Looks like travel is back on the menu also.
  • Social
    • It’s always great to celebrate friends’ birthdays. Also, great to catch up with friends randomly around town. Excited about hosting another big party at the house.


  • What did I learn?
    • Small moves and baby steps are everything.
  • What did I do to help my future?
    • Openly engaged people on Trump. Tired of tiptoeing around hat idiot.
  • How did I help someone this week?
    • Trained some new hires on everything Zuora.
  • Who do I love?
    • Apple, removes headphone jack and get tons of flack. Samsung, creates explosive phones no steps up to commend Apple on build quality. It’s progress people.
  • What am I grateful for?
    • Colin Kapernick for fighting the brave fight.

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