Week by Week – W44Y2016

30 Oct , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

Trying a new format for my weekly posts going forward. Aiming to make the process faster and focus on three aspects of my person I feel are most important. The mind, mental stimulus and intellectual growth and contributions. The body, physical endeavors and growth. The soul, social activities and human interactions that expand perspective and hopefully bring inner growth.


Busy work week. Traveled 3 out of 7 days. Grinding onsite workshops and juggling multiple products. Racking mind for drive and inspiration to push through on side projects. Had an awesome working session with my fellow OU Alumni Board members discussing various plans for the year and in the future. Also, getting traction on some Home Park neighborhood board initiatives that will help it grow in a sustainable and healthy manner.


Off week, dealing with lingering pain. Need to shift focus to marginal improvements in performance, recovery and technique across all activities. Considering adding one more day a week of yoga to routine. Still weighing options for the 2017 race calendar year. I just can’t bring myself to want to race outside of the April to October time frame.


Great to be home if only for a little bit before hitting the road again. Discovered a new Ramen bar, Nexto, that ranks 2nd on my list in Atlanta now. Here a link is a my Foursquare list of Atlanta Ramen spots.

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