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15 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

The 2016 election cycle is over and frankly, America, you fucked up. I can’t mince words about it. I wrote about what I think needs to change as far as our election system last week and I am reposting them below with one addition. Get rid of the Electoral College. I am sorry, some dude in bumble-fuck Wyoming just doesn’t count. Liberals naturally congregate to cities where there is diversity and exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences. People who choose to isolate themselves and their minds should not impact those that try and make this world a better place. I plan to respond to this election by using something I am good at, technology. I have faith that it can ultimately bring people together and stop the anti-progressive elements of society.

  1. Participation – simply put, more people need to participate and do so often. You can’t complain about leaders you put no effort into choosing. Less than one-third of all eligible voters participate in primaries. That means for the other 60%, your choices are being decided by a passionate few that may not have your interest at heart.
  2. Access – modern life is busy and complex. The electoral system needs to adapt and catch up to the pace of things today. Primaries need to be open, pit all candidates against each other in one big bucket and let the best two come out in the end. Early voting should be expanded and the major election days need to be moved to Saturdays. Lastly, we should auto-enroll everyone to vote like in Oregon and making voting something you opt out of not into.
  3. Money – keeping with access, we need to make running for office something that not only the rich and connected can do. We need to get money out of politics. There are too many people who  could probably make a difference if they were not so deterred by the ever growing money game that is politics. Moreover, there are probably many politicians who would like to focus on policy and not the process of forever raising money just to stay in office.


Disenchanted, angry, frustrated, motivated, etc. A complete whirlwind of mental states and looking for focus and a path forward. Trying to narrow my attention to things I can control, ways to make an impact and disrupt this repressive agenda, and not distrust everyone I don’t know.


Working out will always be a welcome outlet for releasing stress like this.


Travelled to Charlotte with the family. A place I have been before but my wife hasn’t. I almost moved to Charlotte twice for two job opportunities. So glad I didn’t. It is a beautiful town, but their politics don’t jive with mine.

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