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28 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to my #Movember page already. AngelaJessicaToyinEréndiraNick and others. If you have not already you can still donate to my #Movember efforts and help me change the face of men’s health. http://mobro.co/rbakare



Well Thanksgiving came and went. A politically divided house is a quiet one but at least it was peaceful. We’ll see what time does to bridge divides. Still going through the process of mentally decluttering distractions from my life so I can devote my energy towards projects and causes that really matter. A refocus on charity, family, health, travel and local politics.


Chugging along. Trying to get in as many classes as possible and revisiting all my training plans to optimize and find efficiency. I am really looking to increase my Yoga sessions from once o up to three times per week. It’s restorative qualities. The cold weather is setting in, so it’s time for Hot Toddies and Fire Pits.


Took advantage of the super sales to Europe last week and Angela and I are now booked for an amazing 12 day adventure in Spain next year. Over 80% of the trip is paid for in points and miles. I guess all the work travel is paying off. Donated to #PlannedParenthood in Mike Pence’s honor and also to Jill Stein’s recount campaign. Just trying to do our part to not let the next four years be a one-sided affair. Also got to see a great concert at City Winery for FierBerd.

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