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4 Dec , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

A big thank you to everyone who donated to my #Movember campaign.I was able to raise over $4oo individually and my company team raised over $5,000 collectively. Charitable giving is very big to me so I am really grateful for those who stepped up and showed their support. I setting a big donation target of 5-10% of our base salaries next year to various causes. Especially the causes that the far right dislikes. In this new political culture, we have to come together to support each other more because I believe a new wave of greed and selfishness is on the way.


Still searching for a balanced state after this election. I envision this will be a long and slow process and I will have to chip away at it slowly. I am pouring myself back into constructive things and trying to break away from social media. Debating deleting as many of these apps off of my phone and computer as possible. I just really want to block out everything that has been a distraction from what’s going on in the world and how I can contribute to making it and myself better. The hard part is trying to change without losing the friendly and personable side of myself which I see slipping away in my frustration.


I am making a major commitment to Yoga going forward. I am just too old to keep competing at sports without doing some sort of restorative therapy for myself. As a bonus practicing Yoga has been good for my mind and soul. The sessions are peaceful times of introspection and reflective thought. I am going to need a lot of it over these next 4 years. What’s frustrating is that now that ClassPass has eliminated it’s unlimited option I am down to only 20 classes a month. So, I have to find a way to balance out gym sessions, Yoga, spin and boot camps in just 20 classes a month. I anticipate I will do at least one a week and throw the extra class or two towards Yoga until my 20 classes runs out in March. After that I will add back either LA Fitness or the Y as my ClassPass access drops to 10 classes a month for $100. I wish they had tested raising the prices, I would have paid more for unlimited. Once I have a gym strategy I think I will commit to some races for next year.


Conflicted to say the least. I am definitely lacking the fire and energy I had before. Most of it stems from not wanting to put time and effort into people that put selfishness, greed, misinformation and bigotry before common human decency. This conflict will be my great struggle these next few years. Until I can figure this one out I will put more energy into myself and causes. Following through more on guitar and Spanish lessons. Volunteering, campaigning, tinkering, traveling, etc. Maybe one day I will be able to trust and engage with people whole heartedly again.

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