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18 Dec , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

I just finished reading “United” by Cory Booker. It tells the story of the transformation of Newark and the united front it took to get there. More importantly, it offers wisdom on bridging social, economic, and philosophical divides. Especially important now. I recommend it.


I also need to recommend two albums and a movie I have been enjoying recently. Recommendations that will keep the mind busy, feet tapping and curiosity peaked.

Starboy by The Weeknd – probably the most Michael Jackson-esque album since Dangerous. Fun, provocative, dance worthy and well crafted as I’ve heard in a long while.

And Then Like Lions by Blind Pilots – an album full of tracks that journey onward to self discovery and realization. A myriad of sounds that take you right to the Portland eclectic scene and forest imagery. Their even better live. Check out their NPR Tiny Desk concert.

Captain Fantastic – I couldn’t have seen this movie at a better time then right after the election. It has helped me in my lifestyle purging I’ve been undertaking. Two key elements in the movie in particular spoke to me. How do you raise a family with unfiltered honesty and the highest intellectual engagement without succumbing to the consumerist and cultural trappings of modern America?


7 for 7 on workouts this week. Race calendar for next year has really taken shape and I’m considering making a few of the half marathons, destination races. Including Brooklyn, Seattle and Montreal. Trying to merge the physical well being with experietional life. My yoga intensity is taking off. I’ve even started practicing at home using an app called Yoga Studio by Gaim, for greater flexibility and recovery after running.


I’m just trying to find a way to put it out there and not be offending. I tried this week by wearing my Obama pin to a holiday party. I know I had some reactions. Some surprisingly positive and reassuring. Others not so happy. However, I felt free and better knowing my position was out there and that the ball was in their court to control their reactions. To put more pressure on them, I was extra nice, interested in their lives and inquisitive. I tried to give them every reason when leaving, that any prejudice they held, is entirely on them and not my burden. Maybe, I’ll open a few minds with this approach. But I can’t really stay quiet much longer. Engagement is being courageous.

I leave you this week with an example of everything that is TOO MUCH in America.​​​

When you’re too hype about the #holidays

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