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25 Dec , 2016 Culture

Happy Holidays, and I mean Happy Holidays!┬áThere is too much diversity around me to simply say Merry Christmas. I wish people on the far right would go over their sensitivity about the phrase Happy Holidays. Inclusion should not make you feel smaller, if it does, it’s your problem not mine. To celebrate, this year we donated money to charity and just spent time with family. Materialism will no longer be a part of the holidays for me.


Another week another book. If I can maintain this pace I will crush 56 books in 2017. I hope I can because it only stands to benefit me. Key to that success has been cutting out television almost entirely, getting the right amount of sleep and clearing my digital life of all the noise. I’m very glad of where I am with my reading. I will be asking for recommendations over the coming months.


Another week of going 7 for 7 working out. I am actually getting excited about racing again next year. I think the removing of distractions has made it easier to plan for workouts and races as well. The big challenge for next year will be to try and complete 1,000 miles of running for the year. That’s approximately 83 miles per month, 18 miles a week, and a mer 2.8 miles a day. Most importantly, it’s a goal about consistency, which is the ultimate key to fitness.


I have decided that I am just going to have to take the plunge and find a way to budget a commitment to Yoga. It has become too important in my daily and weekly balancing to let fall by the wayside. I am just trying to find the right studio to commit to or whether or not to go with a higher plan with ClassPass.

For those that don’t believe in climate change. I leave you with this balmy 75 plus degree day on Christmas.

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