Hacking Your Way to No Car in Atlanta

1 May , 2018 Culture,Life Hack,Lifestyle,Travel

Hacking Your Way to No Car in Atlanta

For this follow up post, I am sharing some ideas for getting to the same state that we are in. Or even down to just one car in a multi-person household. First off, there is no perfectly balanced equation for everyone. You will have to adjust the levers of what you are willing to pay on housing and other items in order to make living in Atlanta without a car workable. I sincerely hope these ideas help a lot of people get out of their cars. Atlanta’s traffic situation is getting progressively worse. The downstream impacts of that congestion have not even fully materialized.

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Living in Atlanta Without a Car 

10 Oct , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology,Travel

Living in Atlanta Without a Car 

The future of transportation is not going to be about the car. Even where cars will still be used, they will most likely be run autonomously. Georgia is getting ahead of the game and passed a law that puts in the framework to build out autonomous vehicle lanes, parking spaces, and more. Moreover, groups like Advance Atlanta, the Atlanta BeltLine, Georgia Commute Options, and many more are coming up with When it comes to regional transit, Hyperloop is stepping in to connect regional cities. Routes are being planned that could revolutionize travel and commuting as a whole. Theoretically, you could live in one state and commute to work in another daily and in under 30 minutes to one hour. Ultimately, we may add a scooter and a motorcycle with sidecar to are vehicle options.

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Week by Week – W16Y2017

16 Apr , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Technology

We’ve started our no car experiment. We turned in our last car a week ago when the lease ended and made no plans to purchase a replacement. We are going to test out the next 90 days without a car and see if that makes a huge lifestyle difference. Between Lyft, Marta, Walking, Cycling and ZipCar, we hope we won’t notice too much of a difference. This challenge is driven by a desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle and one that has a meaningfully positive impact on the environment.

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