Zoom Quarry Lakes 10K – Race Report

Zoom Quarry LakesThis race report is not long since the event was a pretty short and small race.  Our friends Jason and Sarah referred to this race. This event is one of those classic small running community type of races. No bands, no large production quality, even the t-shirts were an optional $5 upgrade if you wanted them. For the lack of all the “Big Race” extras you get just plain good old-fashioned racing. These small events really are all about raw racing with plenty of room for beginners also.

Tyler and I with our medals.
Tyler and I with our medals.

I haven’t participated in a race like this since we used to run in the Xterra trail running series in Georgia. I originally signed up to run the half marathon at this event but being derailed for the past few weeks from my training plan drove me to change my entry to the 10k. After a too fast 6:08 first mile I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold it together for the rest of the race. I managed to calm my nerves and settle into a groove that carried me to a 5th overall finish and 2nd in age group result.

I do believe I could have done better if not for the aspect about the race that I disliked the most. The trail marking itself was pretty terrible. Colored ribbons tied to tree branches was what constituted the course markers. Yellow, pink, and orange ribbons were associated with each race distance and much of the course overlapped. At the points where runners split it was often hard to remember what ribbon to follow or even being able to spot them through the rising sun. Anyone who has ever been trail running knows how easy it is to get turned around and can probably sympathize with me on the annoyance of these ribbons.

Outside of the poor marking the course was pretty nice. Flat with mostly loose gravel and along side different lakes and parks. They had aid stations and volunteers along the way but I didn’t interact with either so I can’t speak on how well stocked or organized they were. All in all it was a good small race and we had some excellent results among our group. The Zoom Running Series itself seems pretty interesting with events all up and down the NorCal Peninsula and the ability to earn series points and medals. The next race is exactly the opposite in size and scope at the San Francisco Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on April 6th.

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