Technologist, Philosopher, Athlete, Writer, Empiricist, Experimenter, Ambivert, Traveler, Minimalist, Black

Why do I maintain this site and blog? I believe everyone has something meaningful to say and share. Because gradients of difference our how we learn from each other. What you don’t know someone else might. So, I share my thoughts on my experiences, experiments, travel, and often ideas from the philosophy of minimalism. The one thing I wish I had learned more than anything else when I was younger. Why do I love minimalism?

Your life, work, and thoughts will expand to fill the space, time, and reflection you give them. Minimalism, Intentionalism, and Mindfulness are the tools available to us to keep our lives, work, and thoughts safely within boundaries we define and control. Without these boundaries, are lives will lack intention and fulfillment, our work will not be meaningful and satisfactory, and our thoughts will drift from one topic to the next without focus or context. 

Setting limits, is not meant to minimize joy and experience, but to maximize it. By freeing us of the noise and unimportant things that keep us from living a meaningful life, producing work with purpose and intention, and directing our thoughts on what we can control and brings us joy. I discovered minimalism in 2016. In the years since I believe I have gotten more out of life, work, and thinking by removing the excess from it. I have since added in stoic reading and reflection, a morning ritual, and refined the hobbies that I hope to turn into habits and maybe one day skills. 

I am not an expert at anything, just curious and reflective. I sincerely hope the introspective entries I put up on this site will spark a similar introspective analysis in someone else. Thank you for visiting. 

Black Minimalist = Coffee + Design (Fitness, Technology, Travel).
Or even more simply as: BM = C+D(F,T²).