Occasionally updated and intentionally simple, this is my little corner of the internet. If you’re looking for pictures of my life and times, go to my Instagram account. Want to read my blog posts and product/race reviews, go to the blog page. Looking to check out some tech projects, swing by GitHub, LinkedIn or peruse my resume here. Want to meet the better half, Angela Huynh, go here.

I like to describe myself as a lover of experience. Always seeking the next big challenge and love to see new places and meet new people. I feel at home just about anywhere but I am based in Georgia. My primary drivers are:

  • Coffee
  • Design 
  • Fitness
  • Minimalism
  • Technology
  • Travel

So, I would quantify myself as a Black Minimalist which is comprised of Fitness plus Technology plus Travel and multiplied by Coffee & Design. Or simplified into Black Minimalist = Coffee + Design (Fitness, Technology, Travel). Or even more simply as: BM = C+D(F,T²). Either way, my interest may vary but they all are amplified by coffee and run through the lens of intelligent design.

Here are my current Q3 – 2019 priorities, I will review them again in July. Quarterly objectives are better than resolutions or goals because they are not so lofty you get discouraged by the effort. And they are small enough to be measurable and manageable.

  1. Work on Portuguese.
  2. Exercise: get more out of Zwift.
  3. Read and Write more.