My Design Obsession

11 Sep , 2018 Culture,Life Hack,Lifestyle,Minimalism,Technology,Travel

My Design Obsession

Great design can be applied to yourself as well. Every decision factors into how we design the experience of our lives. Whether we create or just consume. What are commute will be, or how our weekends will flow, or what our morning routine will be. We can sketch out truly meaningful and interesting lives when we apply careful reflection on past experiences and emotions and an eye on the bigger picture.

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Apple AirPods Review

15 May , 2017 Reviews,Sports,Technology

Apple AirPods Review

This is one of the more personally gratifying products I will get to review. Full disclosure: a high school friend of mine is a co-patent holder on these. So, I am very proud to own and review a pair. Like most of the early adopters, it took a while to get mine. Over a month from purchase to delivery. Once you get your hands on a pair and feel the quality of the build you will see why they take a while to manufacture and are worth the wait.

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Week by Week – W14Y2017

3 Apr , 2017 Lifestyle,Sports

It’s a real challenge to stay even-keeled and kind in places during times that send some off into twitter tirades. All of us wrestle with the delicate struggle between emotions and reason. My approach has generally been to retreat into myself and clam up in situations where I would rather be confrontational but know it […]

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Tech Tip – Fixing iTunes and iPhone Sync

1 Nov , 2014 Culture,Technology

Many of you may have gotten a shiny new iPhone in the past month. With that purchase you may have encountered the occasional iTunes & iPhone syncing error. Such as, getting stuck on the photo import or just failing all together. Like you, I really hate when these issues come up. So, I am sharing the top three tips for fixing these problems for my own records and your sanity.

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Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

17 Oct , 2013 Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

I came across a challenge the other day at work while trying to incorporate a click event into an iOS app. Essentially, when a user clicks on an object within the app that involves a segue sequence, for example an article in an RSS reader app, we want to record that click by logging it in an app on a remote server. I tried to use some of my company’s existing JavaScript functions that make API calls to our remote observation server.

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The Digitization Migration

28 Sep , 2011 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

I am late in posting this (I actually started working on it in March) but on the heels of the scheduled iPhone 5 announcement I didn’t want to sit on it any longer. Of course this is another post about technology, as if you couldn’t tell what my number one passion is. Although I have been using technology heavily for over a decade now; 2011 has really been something else in terms of the total digitization of our real world activities. This year has without a doubt been the most digitally liberating of any year since smartphones first took hold in 2007.

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