Hilton Head

6 Jun , 2018 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Hilton Head

Since the very first time I went, I have had a great love for Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It’s a beautiful place with expansive sandy beaches paired with warm ocean waters. My wife and I got married there and have spent many summer days there, soaking in the sun and finding peace in its serenity. Whether traveling in a small or big group, there is a place in Hilton Head for everyone.

We went back for the first time in six years this past Memorial Day. I wanted to do it some justice and create a travel post about Hilton Head, but in the video diary style. I could just list all the places to eat, stay and play, but I think this video format is an interesting approach and want to keep experimenting with it.

If you haven’t been, you should really go. Be warned, vacation rentals book over a year out here. It’s bust a four to five hour drive from Atlanta, and with so much to offer. As many times as we have been we discover something new every time. I hope this video helps inspire you.

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