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Week by Week – W25Y2017

18 Jun , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

Week by Week – W25Y2017

We’ve just gone through the biggest purge of material items in our house ever. We got rid of almost everything going back to elementary school except for vital records. Trophies, games, furniture, etc. we are really focused on this minimalism path and are pouring all of our free time into it. I have a blog post I’m working on about the process of becoming minimalist. I’m interested to see the reaction people will have to a couple formally associated with being textbook consumers, wielding down to much less. Minimalism is a journey with no end, so I am sure the days and years will constantly be redefining for us just what is the right amount of “stuff.”

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Week by Week – W44Y2016

30 Oct , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

Trying a new format for my weekly posts going forward. Aiming to make the process faster and focus on three aspects of my person I feel are most important. The mind, mental stimulus and intellectual growth and contributions. The body, physical endeavors and growth. The soul, social activities and human interactions that expand perspective and hopefully bring inner growth.

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Week by Week – W42Y2016

17 Oct , 2016 Sports

Small moves. Sometimes they are everything. A million of them come together to paint the full picture. This week I had to remember that small moves are perhaps the most important and require patience to realize their significance. From running to project planning to everything in between; it’s all about the baby steps. For example, to help make positive change in my neighborhood I am gong to run for a position on the HOA Board and help deliver measurable growth.

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