Music Discovery

2 Jun , 2021 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

Music Discovery

I am an audiophile but there are no more record stores. I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t drive a lot and do not want to give that little bit of time away to shock jocks and advertising breaks. I stream what I want, when I want over the Bluetooth audio. Convenient as this approach may be, it is a double edged sword because that instant gratification can get you stuck in musical rut. I am an audiophile and I want to discover new sounds. Being stuck at home during a pandemic did nothing for that love of audio discovery.

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2020 – Year End Best Of

15 Dec , 2020 Culture,Lifestyle,Reviews

2020 – Year End Best Of

As we neared the end of winter early in 2020, and the first signs of spring were sprouting, we discussed how we wanted to define this year during one of our longer walks. The quarantine had only just begin and the first rush of travel cancellations and postponed plans had been grudgingly agreed to. A wealth of free time was now on our hands. We asked ourselves what would we do to not go crazy and we elected on making this a year of self-improvement. Those long delayed “some day” aspirations would start getting daily attention, others at least once a week; but whatever we could manage under a lockdown, would get our time and focus.

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The Story Behind The Pain

22 May , 2012 Culture

This week I discovered something beautiful. Not more beautiful than Angela, that is impossible. I found that there are still stories in music that can move me like the cool wind hitting your skin while sitting in a half broken beach chair at sunset with the golden orange sky exploding all around you and love two feet away sighing breaths like smoke clouds composed of moments of relaxation and anxiety that it will soon come to an end.

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