Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2018 Shoe Review

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Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2018 Shoe Review


It’s been a while since I have posted a shoe review. This delay was due to a couple of reasons. Prior to this purchase, I adopted the approach of using two shoes at a time which meant it took longer to reach 360 miles of use on each shoe. I also scaled back my total running volume and frequency. Regardless, I hit over 700 miles on my On Cloud X and Nike Zoom Pegasus 34‘s that I reviewed previously. I loved the Pegasus line and decided to go with another pair of Nikes.

While researching the 2018 Nike running shoe line I looked at the Free Run, Pegasus, and Flyknit products. I have used all three in the past and had good experiences. I went with the Zoom Pegasus Turbo because it is the newest line in the Nike options and combines a lot of features from my other favorites. The Zoom Pegasus Turbo is the second iteration of the shoe that Nike custom-built for a team attempt to break the two-hour time mark in the marathon. Those features include the VaporFly 4% custom sole, Flymesh / Flywire lacing and stability system. and traditional waffle sole.

The shoe itself is part of the broader Nike Zoom line. Which is a cool approach because it lets you pick the “version” you want based on your own running style and needs. Of the competitive shoes you have on the entry-level the Air Zoom Pegasus 35, then the mid-level Air Zoom Fly (with Carbon Fiber plate), and then the Zoom Turbo. I highly recommend going to a Nike or local shoe store to test run in all three before choosing. They each have an intended use and you will want to make sure the shoe you get aligns to your need.


The overall form factor looks like Pegasus 35 but with a different sole and slightly different set of materials for the upper. The thing that caught me off guard was the rear of the sole. The highly angled heel is not like anything I have ever run with. I actually did not want the shoe at first because I hated the design. Nike’s site says that the heel design is intentionally tapered away from your Achilles to improve comfort during long runs.

Some generic stats include a weight of 8.4 ounces (men’s) and a heel-to-drop of 10mm. Solid waffle pattern sole with rubber points for grip and traction. I have included a photo gallery below with some detailed close-ups of the features and design of the shoe. I of course went with the flagship colors, which may be a little out there for some. From the initial lace up, they fit true to form. I recommend you wear some thin socks with these bad boys. They are not as light as some shoes I have used in the past but not heavy either. The spring, especially in the heels, is noticeable immediately. Felt like I was getting propelled a little.

Two things I don’t like is the material used in the upper and the laces. The shoe doesn’t breath as well as a full Flyknit shoe would or the On Cloud shoes did. I mostly notice on a walk or at the end of a run when I am desperate to take them off and let my feel some fresh breeze on my toes. I also find the laces to be too short. In that, it’s hard to double lace them and have the laces extend to all the eyes of the shoe. I also found it hard to find a balance between a good fit and lacing them too tight.

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As usual, I tested the shoes across my three key activities; walking, running, and cross-training.

Running Use

These shoes were co-designed between Nike and Marathon Olympic athletes. I can vouch that they live up to the hype. Over the last two weeks I put over 50mm of total use on them and one 10K road race. Each stride was extremely responsive. These may be the best Nike shoes I have ever used for pure running.

The traction is super solid on wet, dry, dirt and other surfaces. The fit is super solid and produced little to no lateral roll. A lot of that stability comes from the wide forefoot. I can’t claim that they will make anyone faster, but the sole is definitely helps performance by reducing shock and positioning the foot to propel forward.

The heel design is interesting and I believe engineered to help heel strikers reduce stress on their legs and lower back. I run on my toes so I did not experience any gain from them. But you will of course have the occasional heel strike, especially when tired. After the 10K I ran in these my legs felt great and my lower back was fine. So, I think the sole design is doing what it’s supposed to.

Walking Use

While these shoes excel at running, they are not the best walking shoes. They are fine for a short walk around the house or neighborhood but not for long walks. I prefer a more complete and even stride from back to front in a walking shoe. By that I mean a very small heel to toe ratio. Also, cushioning in the sole that is evenly distributed from back to front.

The shoes feel a little like walking on stilts. Moreover, you notice the Flywire and Tongue rubbing against your feet more when just walking around. I definitely don’t plan on using these as daily walking shoes for the rest of the time I own them.

Training Use

The Zoom Pegasus Turbo is a serviceable training shoe. Again, it’s a purpose-built running shoe so don’t expect a lot in your dynamic gym cross-fit style workouts. They don’t have the lateral side-to-side explosion you would want. Also, when lifting weights, you end up leaning too far forward..

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2018 - Product Comparison

I’ll stick to comparing these shoes against the last few running shoes I owned. The On Cloud X, On Cloud Flow and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34.
CATEGORYvs. On Cloud Flowvs. On Cloud Xvs. Nike Zoom Pegasus
Style:Zoom Pegasus TurboCloud XZoom Pegasus Turbo
Running Use:Zoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus Turbo
Walking Use:Zoom Pegasus TurboCloud XZoom Pegasus Turbo
Training Use:Cloud FlowCloud XZoom Pegasus Turbo
Feel:Zoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus Turbo
Durability:Zoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus TurboZoom Pegasus Turbo
Weight:Cloud FlowCloud XZoom Pegasus Turbo

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo - Summary

8 out of 10LightweightPrice > $180
Highly Responsive SoleLaces Run Short
Good for Any Distance and Running StyleHeel Design Hurts Style

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