The Context Variable

7 Mar , 2020 Culture,Lifestyle

The Context Variable

Gradients of Difference are at the core of learning and communication. I am older than you, I know more, I have seen more, I look different, I speak differently, or I think differently. Every interaction with someone else, familiar or unfamiliar, involves some level of difference that fuels the transfer of information from one person to another. Context is the equalizing medium, that pushes our dissimilarities to the background and pulls a peaceful conversation to the front. Without context, misunderstandings brew and a productive discussion becomes a pointless debate.

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Week by Week – W16Y2017

16 Apr , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Technology

We’ve started our no car experiment. We turned in our last car a week ago when the lease ended and made no plans to purchase a replacement. We are going to test out the next 90 days without a car and see if that makes a huge lifestyle difference. Between Lyft, Marta, Walking, Cycling and ZipCar, we hope we won’t notice too much of a difference. This challenge is driven by a desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle and one that has a meaningfully positive impact on the environment.

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