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20 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

New York is truest embodiment of a cultural melting pot. Life for me is all about experience and diversity. In the picture below you have over five different nationalities, continents and languages represented. It’s so frustrating that so many people can’t get how powerful inclusion and openness to all lifestyles is when it comes to making the world a better place. I wish everywhere had a little New York in it. A little soul, a little rush, a little conflict and a little chill. Half of America rejects progress and diversity. I know they will lose, progress demands it and history shows we ultimately want to explore and intermingle.



Rejuvenated by New York. Concerned about the White Nationalist Alt-Right cabinet members Trump is appointing and not relishing spending the holidays with family members who actually support cowards like Mike Pence. Trying to find balance and a way to debate with irritating everyone.


Not a great week but not a terrible one either. Glad again for access to ClassPass; though the unlimited plan is going away. Just trying to maintain through the holidays and lock down some sort of race schedule for 2017.


Travelled to New York with Angela. New York being the magnet that it is, we of course were able to bump into lots of friends and colleagues. Discover great eats and lounges. Freeze our butts off and people watch while taking in the ultra-diverse landscape of cultures, languages and ethnicities.


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