Week by Week – W50Y2016

11 Dec , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Travel

Week by Week – W50Y2016

This week Angela and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary since we started dating. A decade is such a great length of time to gauge the progress in life. In the decade we have been together we have seen, accomplished, grown and overcome so much. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime, others one chapter of a big book. I still find it hard to believe all that we have done in one decade. Countries visited, wedding attended, trips taken, places lived. etc. I hope we can make ourselves proud and do even more in the next decade.

The Corporate Purge: One challenge we took on is to purge every corporate feed, email and page from our social media and email accounts. I believe what’s left is less noise and more clarity. We’ve also cut down on TV and it is leaving more time for preparation in all activities. My focus has improved and my appetite for reading has gone up. I would challenge everyone to do a Big Corporate Cleanse in their own lives as well. I am over being sold and giving my money to the wrong people. I want my money to have local and longer reaching impact.


Well, this was also a week to celebrate Holiday Parties both private and corporate. They are always fun, just pace the drinking. I’ve started to try to work on my analytical skills and give myself options in everything I am doing. If only to see all the possible outcomes and make better decisions and plan more. I am also making a concerted effort to move beyond consumerism. I believe it is one of the great symptoms ailing America. We need Schools and not Stadiums, Half-Way Houses and not Malls, Job/Skills Training Centers and not for-profit prisons, and above all we need to seek a more experiential life that is measured by the number of human interactions and not labels/price tags.

I don’t deny there are things we need but we can take care of those things in a way that doesn’t make us blind consumers and ultimately slaves to big corporations. Question what you buy, from the source to what goes in it, and it’s sustainability. Whenever possible, go local, natural and with something built-to-last. The same approach can apply to wants. Next time you find yourself searching online for another material item ask yourself isn’t there some trip to somewhere I have never been I should take, a class that will teach me something I always wanted to know, or a charity I should donate to instead.


Thanks to more free mental space I have finally started to build out a 2017 Race Calendar. No 100% commitment to specific races but options in every month and a plan on what months to compete in. I have revised my Training Plan to be simpler and more portable for when on road trips for work and personal. The hardest thing is still getting used to recovering so slowly from workouts and sports. I am cutting down meat and alcohol to help with that. I am really trying to commit time to the recovery part of my training again. That element matters more than the workout itself. If I miss a day now, it can set me back a week. Not like when I was 27. So, I have to be careful of what I put into and how I take care of my body.


I am trying various approaches to heal my frustrated spirit and rebuild trust in people. Yoga above is most instrumental in this effort. I am seriously considering ClassPass $100 – 10 class plan starting in March just so I can go to Yoga classes anywhere I want and multiple times a week. I am participating in political discussion groups online with friends that focus on policy topics that are non-partisan and seeking out Civic Activities we can participate in. I am going to try and start conducting Story Corps Interviews with Trump supporters. I tried one the other day with someone I work with and I found it very constructive. It’s amazing what a quiet space and simple questions can bring out of people. Lastly, lots and lots of travel plans, because sometimes you have to go away in order to come back.

10 Years of Adventures

10 Years of Adventures

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